Monday, April 18, 2011

Macedonian movie "Ritam i Zvuk" from 1955

Macedonian movie "Ritam i Zvuk" from 1955

In the superb Macedonian countryside filmed in colour, men and women plant rice, harvest with peace and joy. A vibrant ode to nature rings out. The commentary emphatically praises the simple joys of a life punctuated by the seasons and dances passed down through the history of the Macedonian people. Each traditional dance is performed with beauty and precision. The clarinet, mandolin and violin lead the women's farandoles and the men's circle dances.
The movements have special meaning. The Tikwesh springs like a warrior charge, the Rusalli chases away evil spirits using a well-sharpened sabre. The more ludicrous "rabbit dance" mimics a hunting scene. With Popov's classic direction, the film gives a stylized panorama of Macedonian folk culture. An ethnological lyricism that is difficult to interpret.
Macedonian national folk dances performing by National Folk dance ensamble "Tanec" from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Director: Trajche Popov

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